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The farrago of geopolitics in west Asia

The two crucial aspects of understanding the west Asian politics are ethnicity and religion. These two aspects even though clearly divergent topics may seem to be analogous thanks to the ultra-nationalistic and blame it all on terrorism mentality brewing in various national politics.

One often thinks that religion is the cause of wars and constant tussles. But religion has never been the sole or prime reason for it.

"Religion is neither the prime motive nor the sole motive of any action.

It’s only a smoked screen for the shoddy motives underneath them"

If you were able to understand the picture above then buckle your seatbelts as now, we would dwell into the dynamics of west Asian politics. The west Asian politics is a myriad of motives of various powers trying to increase its sphere of influence or to be exact countering their adversaries’ expansion of sphere of influence.

Syria: The battle ground

Syria had become a melting pot or union of national interests of various nations. This congruence of crossroads of geopolitics turned its soil into gun powder.

IS: The greater threat

What’s interesting to understand international relations and geopolitics is that there is no such thing as “permanent friends or enemies”. Even the definition of topics such as terrorism changes with context or in some cases those with “banner of democracy” comes together with monarchies.

The fight against IS has been one such in which otherwise adversaries came together to fight against it.

Thus, all the powers came down with an iron fist at IS just like siblings in a family. As long as there is a greater threat to counter all the siblings would help each other. Just like the fight against the dead in GOT.


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